Monday, July 13, 2015

MFT Summer School Day 1 - Gallon/ Quart/ Pint

   Hello hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Grab your MFT supplies because  MFT Summer School is back in session and today we have a  fabulous lesson in design:
Here is the card I created using this design principle:

MFT Summer School Day 1

            I LOVE this color combo! The entire lesson is on the main MFT Blog, and you will also see a list of designers joining in for today's lesson. Thank you for stopping by and get to work on your homework! ;)


Jill said...

Um hello lovely color combo!! Loving how you used them--so simply & lovely, as always Veronica! :)

Beckie Williams said...

Your colors are just wonderful. I think the butterfly is just beautiful .... wonderful job!!

Miriam Prantner said...

Love the gray butterfly and all that dimension!

Tenia Nelson said...

So so pretty!!